Angry Birds Epic




Join the Angry Birds on their most epic adventure


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Angry Birds Epic is a role-playing game starring the legendary birds from Rovio where you control the typical characters from the Angry Bird franchise as you accompany them along an epic adventure with a splash of role-playing.

The way that you progress through Angry Birds Epic is quite linear. You just have to advance through scenes that are divided into levels where you have to face different types of enemies, all of whom belong to the race of green pigs.

The combat system in Angry Birds Epic is quite simple: you take turns trying to draw a line from your character to its objective so that it carries out a normal attack. In the same way, if you just tap lightly on your hero, it will defend itself from enemy attacks. In addition, of course, you will have some special abilities.

As you would expect in a role-playing game, you can work to improve your character in Angry Birds Epic by buying new pieces of equipment like weapons and armor that allow you to have more health and make more powerful attacks.

Though you will only have Red at the beginning of the adventure, you can recruit the rest of the group during the course of your adventure. As you play Angry Birds Epic you will be joined by classics like Chuck or Bomb.

Angry Birds Epic is an excellent RPG for all players. It has simple and addictive gameplay and outstanding visuals. It's a new hit from Rovio, which keeps exploring different genres quite successfully.

You need at least 70 megabytes of space in your device's memory.


Requires Android 2.3.3 or later.